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Hej! My Name is Janosch Wojcik and I want you to get to know me. I am a teamplayer looking for new opportunities and a new insight in the trade to further improve myself.

I want to get better at what I love to do most - designing and making everything better looking. I was born and raised in northern germany and have been into advertising and design for over a decade now. I have worked in advertising-companies for the better part of the last ten years and have spent the other half getting a design focussed education and studying communication design in Hamburg, germany.

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Several NDA’s make it impossible for me to display my work in public. I will be happy to meet for a coffee and show you samples and sections of my latest projects – if you let me know what kind of projects you are interested in I’d even make a special selection just for you. All it takes is an E-Mail and a suggestion for a time and place. Until then, look at my profile below!

Communication Design Diploma
Institute of Design Hamburg 2012
University Qualification: Design
Upper Secondary School Hamburg
Screen Design Apprenticeship
Vocational School G5 Hamburg
Freelance Art Director
Janosch Wojcik Art Direktion Hamburg 2017 - current
Art Director
Relevance GmbH Hamburg 2016 - 2017
Art Director
Jur Solutions 2014 - 2016
Junior Art Director
KNSK Advertising Agency 2012-2014
Adobe Creative Suite 100%
Print/Online Advertising 95%
Leadership 90%



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Skype: janoschwojcik

I do what i can but no man is perfect so if there are errors on this page or anything that offends you - let me know and I will do what I can to fix it.

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